Jane Adams

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Lightning Talk: How to Make Six Figures an Hour  |  December 15th, 2022
NormConf: The Normcore Tech Conference
From Anscombe’s Quartet to the Datasaurus Dozen, the power of visualization can’t be understated. Learn how to quickly make a whole bunch of figures to better understand your data.

Evaluation of AR Technology for Astronomy Journal Publications | January 8-12, 2023
241st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Seattle WA
Come find our booth in the exhibit hall to test out some new AR tech for astronomy communication!

SXSW Panelist: Data Art: Processes and Perspectives | March 10-19, 2023
South by Southwest (SXSW) Austin Convention Center, Austin TX

Exhibiting Artist: Co-Created: The Artist in the Age of Intelligent Machines | Feb. 10th – May 27th, 2023
Burlington City Arts Gallery, Burlington, VT

See Change | March 7th – 9th
Hula Lakeside, Burlington, VT



I’m presently a Computer Science PhD student in the Data Visualization Lab at Northeastern University’s Khoury College, under the advisement of Dr. Michelle Borkin. I’m working on exploratory analysis tools for -omics reasearch with The Jackson Laboratory as a Predoctoral Visiting Student; developing visual analytics tools for spotting neurological anomalies in radiology imaging via planar graph embedding of vasculature with NASA/NSF-funded Glue; and prototyping dashboards for proteomics research. This fall, I’m taking two courses: Data Visualization for Machine Learning with Enrico Bertini, and Statistical Methods for Computer Science with Olga Vitek. My research interest, broadly, is visualization for exploratory analysis of high-dimensional data (and yes, I would love to talk with you over a coffee or a beer about non-linear projection methods). Book a meeting with me here!

I usually work in Python, D3/JS, and full stack MERN web development. I’ve built Flask APIs for production, and modular multi-paged React dashboards for bespoke visualizations. Sometimes I also dabble in Java and C++ for art projects. From winter 2020 through summer of 2022, I really enjoyed experimenting with generative adversarial networks (GANs) as an art medium using Python on Google Colab GPUs; you can view my A.I. artwork here. However, for fall 2022 and onwards, I’m hunkering down a bit to learn Blender — I’m particularly intrigued by Geometry Nodes and custom Python scripting with shaders.

I’ve been a speaker at NVIDIA GTC, SXSW, TEDx, AIGA, and ODSC. I’ve organized workshops at WiDS Stanford, and IEEE VIS 2020, 2021, and 2022. I have published work in Science, PLoS, EPJ Data Science, JMIR, JMM and more.


We just wrapped up our second year of organizing the alt.VIS workshop at IEEE VIS this year! It was my third year organizing, after our Fail Fest Workshop of 2020 grew into the alt.VIS workshop. Check out the proceedings on our website and definitely let us know if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for 2023. I was also delighted to be a co-author on Visual Utility Evaluation of Differentially Private Scatterplots, our poster at VIS!

Last summer (2022), I rejoined my alma mater, the Champlain College Emergent Media Center, as a Doctoral Fellow, mentoring an undergraduate student R&D team on immersive analytics / data visualization in XR. We learned a lot together in our collaboration with InVision Communications and I’m delighted to have been invited back to continue my contract through the end of the Fall 2022 semester 🙂 I was also the project lead for the Creativity + AI – Research and Development Team on prototyping physicalizations of AI artwork, and served as the student volunteer for the inaugural Boston-based Viz PhD Summer School at Northeastern University.

In summer of 2021, during a sort of self-funded ‘research sabbatical’, I joined The Recurse Center (f.k.a. Hacker School) for a programming retreat as a member of Spring Mini Batch 5. Prior to that (2018-2021), I enjoyed three years as a non-faculty research analyst—“Data Visualization Artist-in-Residence”—at the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center. My work there spanned primarily two fields: 1) Twitter/Reddit NLP and visualization, as a member of the Computational Story Lab; and 2) exploratory analysis tools for life insurance underwriting and public health analysis, as a member of the MassMutual Center of Excellence in Complex Systems and Data Science.


I hold a MFA in Emergent Media, and a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media. My graduate work included curation of data-driven art exhibits; building computer-aided interactive, illuminated, and hydroponic sculptural works; and writing about the evolving relationship between art and science.


In my personal time, I build art robots, interactive mixed-media installations, aquaponic sculptures, and GAN art. I’m also an organizer for the alt.VIS Workshop at IEEE VIS, and was a member artist of the Cambridge Art Association (CAA). I love rock climbing, hiking, Minecraft, Civilization (VI), and tinkering with MIDI music. I’m looking for a gallery to represent my artwork, so please reach out if you are a curator, especially working in new media.

You can find me on Mastodon at janeadams@vis.social


Computer Science PhD Student, Data Visualization Lab  | Fall 2021 – Present
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

The Recurse Center (f.k.a. “Hacker School”)  |  Summer 2021
Programming Retreat, Online/NYC

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A), Emergent Media  |  May 2018
Champlain College
, Burlington Vermont

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A), Graphic Design & Digital Media  |  December 2015
Champlain College, Burlington Vermont


* denotes teaching experience

Graduate Researcher | September 2021 – Present
Northeastern University: Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Boston, Massachusetts

Predoctoral Visiting Student | June 2022 – Present
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine / Remote

* Project Lead: Creativity + AI Research and Development Team | July – August 2022
Champlain College Emergent Media Center, Burlington, Vermont / Remote

* Doctoral Fellow: Immersive Analytics and Exploratory Data Visualization | May – August 2022
Champlain College Emergent Media Center, Burlington, Vermont / Remote

Consultant: Data Visualization Software Engineering | July 2021 – June 2022
The University of Vermont Complex Systems Center
, operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts

* Data Visualization Artist-in-Residence / Research Analyst  |  March 2018 – June 2021
The University of Vermont Complex Systems Center
, Burlington, Vermont

* Graduate Curatorial Fellow  |  September 2017 – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery
, Burlington, Vermont

* Project Management Graduate Fellow  |  January – August 2017
Champlain College Emergent Media Center
Communications Team, Burlington, Vermont

* Teaching Assistant  |  July – August 2016, January – May 2017
Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

Front End Development Intern  |  August 2016 – January 2017
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Burlington, Vermont

Media Design Intern  |  January – July 2016
Dealer.com, Burlington, Vermont

Graphic Designer  |  May 2014 – June 2015
Brandthropology Inc., Burlington, Vermont

Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer  |  September 2012 – June 2015
Oleet & Co. Investment Bank
, Burlington, Vermont


“Visual Utility Evaluation of Differentially Private Scatterplots”. Liudas Panavas, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Jane L. Adams, Ali Sarvghad, Melanie Tory, Cody Dunne. IEEE VIS 2022. osf.io/q7w42

“Ready Player Viz: Player-Created Strategic Visualizations for Video Games” – We present a survey of the design space of player-created strategic visualizations for video games, to better understand how players make sense of complex game mechanics and incorporate feedback from fellow players. We maintain a collection of tagged and categorized examples of player-created video game visualizations here. Jane L. Adams and Michael Davinroy, alt.VIS 2022.

Work in Progress: “ArterialVis” – image processing, segmentation, 3D to 2D network abstraction of cerebrovasculature, and interactive visualization of planar graph embedding for detection of neurological anomalies. Jane L. Adams, Liudas Panavas, Michelle Borkin, Cody Dunne. GitHub

“Storywrangler: A massive exploratorium for sociolinguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and political timelines using Twitter” Thayer Alshaabi, Jane L Adams, Michael V Arnold, Joshua R Minot, David R Dewhurst, Andrew J Reagan, Christopher M Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. Science Advances

“Sirius: A Mutual Information Tool for Exploratory Visualization of Mixed Data”. Jane Lydia Adams, Todd F. DeLuca, Christopher M. Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Yuhang Zheng, Boyoon Choi, Allison Min, Konstantinos Anastasakis, and Michael M. Bessey. arXiv:2106.05260

“Quantifying language changes surrounding mental health on Twitter”. Anne Marie Stupinski, Thayer Alshaabi, Michael V Arnold, Jane Lydia Adams, Joshua R Minot, Matthew Price, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Christopher M Danforth. arXiv:2106.01481

“The incel lexicon: Deciphering the emergent cryptolect of a global misogynistic community”. Kelly Gothard, David Rushing Dewhurst, Joshua R Minot, Jane Lydia Adams, Christopher M Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. arXiv:2105.12006

“Homophily and Heterogeneity in the Cancerous Cell Line Network for Gene Therapy Improvements”. Jane Adams, Celestin Coquide, Diana Garcia and Rodrigo Migueles Ramirez. NetSci 2020 International School and Conference on Network Science.

“Long-term word frequency dynamics derived from Twitter are corrupted: A bespoke approach to detecting and removing pathologies in ensembles of time series”. Peter Sheridan Dodds, Joshua R. Minot, Michael V. Arnold, Thayer Alshaabi, Jane L. Adams, David R. Dewhurst, Andrew J. Reagan, Christopher M. Danforth. arXiv:2008.11305

“Computational timeline reconstruction of the stories surrounding Trump: Story turbulence, narrative control, and collective chronopathy.” Peter Sheridan Dodds, Joshua R Minot, Michael V Arnold, Thayer Alshaabi, Jane Lydia Adams, Andrew J Reagan, Christopher M Danforth. arxiv:2008.07301

“How the world’s collective attention is being paid to a pandemic: COVID-19 related 1-gram time series for 24 languages on Twitter” Thayer Alshaabi, JR Minot, MV Arnold, Jane Lydia Adams, David Rushing Dewhurst, Andrew J Reagan, Roby Muhamad, Christopher M Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. arXiv:2003.12614

“A Network Approach to Cancer: Clustering Cell Lines by Gene Dependency Rank Differences” Jane Adams, Celestin Coquide, Diana Garcia, Rodrigo Migueles Ramirez. Extended abstract and poster presented at Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems (NERCCS) 2020.

“The growing echo chamber of social media: Measuring temporal and social contagion dynamics for over 150 languages on Twitter for 2009-2020” Thayer Alshaabi, David R Dewhurst, Joshua R Minot, Michael V Arnold, Jane L Adams, Christopher M Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. arXiv:2003.03667

“Allotaxonometry and rank-turbulence divergence: A universal instrument for comparing complex systems” Peter Sheridan Dodds, Joshua R Minot, Michael V Arnold, Thayer Alshaabi, Jane Lydia Adams, David Rushing Dewhurst, Tyler J Gray, Morgan R Frank, Andrew J Reagan, Christopher M Danforth. arXiv:2002.09770

“Hurricanes and hashtags: Characterizing online collective attention for natural disasters” Michael V Arnold, David Rushing Dewhurst, Thayer Alshaabi, Joshua R Minot, Jane L Adams, Christopher M Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. arXiv:2003.14291

“Fame and Ultrafame: Measuring and comparing daily levels of ‘being talked about’ for United States’ presidents, their rivals, God, countries, and K-pop”, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Joshua R Minot, Michael V Arnold, Thayer Alshaabi, Jane Lydia Adams, David Rushing Dewhurst, Andrew J Reagan, Christopher M Danforth. arXiv:1910.00149


VISxAI Workshop Organizing Committee  |  2023
IEEE VIS Conference 2023,
Melbourne, Australia

alt.VIS Workshop Organizing Committee & Session Chair  |  2021 & 2022
IEEE VIS Conference 2021 & 2022

Student Volunteer: Visualization PhD Summer School | Summer 2022
Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts

Graduate Mentor: Researching the relationship between AI developers and artists | Summer 2022
Smith College, Amherst Massachusetts

Student Volunteer | April 30th – May 6th 2022
ACM CHI 2022, New Orleans Louisiana

Fail Fest Workshop – Organizing Committee & Session Chair  |  October 2020
IEEE VIS Conference 2020, Virtual

Moderator: GAN Artist Discord | Spring – Fall 2021
See also: Compiled resources for GAN artists

Lead Community Organizer  |  2015 – 2021
Vermont Womxn in Machine Learning and Data Science, Burlington, Vermont

Project Lead  |  January – May 2017
Stride: The Wright Foundation for Female Athletes


* denotes teaching experience

“Ready Player Viz: Player-Created Visualizations for Video Games” | October 16th, 2022
alt.VIS Workshop at IEEE VIS 2022, Oklahoma City, OK / Virtual

Panelist: Enabling Unconventional Applications using AI | September 20th, 2022
NVIDIA Global Technology Conference (GTC), San Jose CA / Virtual

Panelist: Collaborative Development in Immersive XR | June 20th, 2022
Governor’s Institute of Vermont (GIV), Champlain College, Burlington VT

SXSW Panelist: How Open AI Models Enable Artists to Innovate | March 16, 2022
South by Southwest (SXSW) Austin Convention Center, Austin TX

Featured Speaker: Leveraging Machine Learning in Artistic Workflows | March 23rd, 2022
NVIDIA Global Technology Conference (GTC), San Jose CA / Virtual – 235 Session Views

Speaker | January 19th, 2022
AI-NFT Consortium: Industry Forum, Twitter Spaces

Guest Lecturer  |  November 19th, 2021
Data Visualization Lisboa, Virtual / Lisbon, Portugal

Artist Talk and Film Screening: Voyager EP  |  June 2021
Burlington City Arts presents ‘Flicks in the Park’, Burlington, Vermont

Storywrangler: A journey in visualizing 100 billion tweets in 100 languages,
and what it means for future research
Featured Speaker | May 2021
Data Stories @ CEU (Central European University), Virtual / Vienna, Austria

FailFest Workshop   Organizer & Moderator  |  October 2020
IEEE VIS 2020, Virtual / Salt Lake City, UT

* Data Visualization for Network Scientists   Workshop Instructor  |  April 2020
Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems (NERCCS) Pre-Conference School
, Virtual / NY

* CS-395 Advanced Special Topics: Data Lab Guest Lecturer (Data Visualization)  |  March 2020
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

* DAT-430: Data Visualization Guest Lecturer  |  December 2019
Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

* Visualizing Complexity: Network Graphs of High-Dimensional Data  Instructor  |  Oct. 2019
Open Data Science Conference, San Francisco, California

Data Art: Seeing the Future of Data Science  Speaker  |  April 2019
Open Data Science Conference, Boston, Massachusetts

* Data Visualization Workshop  Facilitator  |  March 2019
Women in Data Science Conference, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

What’s a Data Artist?  Featured Speaker  |  February 2019
AIGA Vermont: WTF is Design Anyway?, Burlington, Vermont

Visualizing Complexity  Featured Speaker  |  November 2018
The Emergent Landscape Speaker Series, Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

Visual Storytelling  Featured Speaker  |  November 2018
Gund Institute Tea, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Complexity, Mutualism, and Ecopolitics Panelist  |  October 2018  
Feverish World Symposium, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

TEDx Springfield   Featured Speaker  |   October 2018
MassMutual, Springfield, Massachusetts

2018 GeoDataSci Conference  Featured Speaker  |  June 2018
Generator Maker Space, Burlington, Vermont

The Emergent Mindset  Featured Speaker |  November 2016
Shelburne Museum, PechaKucha Night Vol. 22, Shelburne, Vermont


⇞ indicates contribution to securing grant funding

Exhibiting Artist: Solo Show  |  November 2021 – March 2022
Cambridge Art Association, Darwin’s Ltd., Cambridge MA

Exhibiting Artist: Voyager EP  |  July 2021
ALIFE: Conference on Artificial Life, Virtual / Prague, Czech Republic

Artist Talk and Film Screening: Voyager EP  |  June 2021
Burlington City Arts presents ‘Flicks in the Park’, Burlington, Vermont

Art Forms, An Exhibition: Exhibiting Artist  |  May – July 2021
Mad River Valley Arts, Stowe, Vermont

⇞ Aquaponic Diorama  Exhibiting Artist  |  February – June 2020
“Apocalypse Diet” Group Show at Burlington City Arts (BCA) Gallery
, Burlington, Vermont

⇞ The Illuminated Forest  Exhibiting Artist  |  Sept. 2018, Sept. 2019
Champlain Maker Faire at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont

⇞ The Illuminated Waterfront  Project Lead and Exhibiting Artist  |  2018/19
Highlight New Years’ Eve Festival, ECHO Aquarium, Burlington, Vermont

Emerging Tech Showcase  Exhibitor  |  October 2018
Vermont Tech Jam, Essex Junction, Vermont

Universalities of Inquiry   Exhibiting Artist  |  February – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

Quality of Life   Guest Curator  |  February – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

But What About…? Interactive Data Installation   Project Lead  |  July – Aug. 2017
Champlain College Emergent Media Center, Burlington Vermont

Interactive Terrarium   Exhibiting Artist  |  December 2016
Champlain College Art Gallery
, Burlington, Vermont


I’ve had the great privilege of mentoring a number of undergraduate students over the years:

  • Juna Kim, Northeastern University — Cerebrovasculature Segmentation and Morphology
  • Addie Addie, Smith College — Surveying A.I. Artists and Developers
  • Evan Koppers, Lucia Hughes, Harper Bennett, and Leah Peterson — Data Visualization in XR
  • Henry Foley, Robert Christianson, and Nathan Boisvert — Art and A.I. for Immersive Exhibits