A haphazard and non-exhaustive list of stuff I’ve created, often in collaboration with many other wonderful people. For academic publications, please check out my Google Scholar page.​

Visual utility evaluation of differentially private scatterplots

Liudas Panavas, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Jane Adams, Ali Sargavad, Melanie Tory, and Cody Dunne. Poster at IEEE VIS 2022.


Ready Player Viz: Player-Created Data Visualizations for Video Games

at alt.VIS 2022


ArterialVis: 3D to 2D Animation of Cerebrovasculature

Planar Graph Embeddings of Cerebral Vasculature for Clinical Detection of Neurological Anomalies. Work in Progress. GitHub

StoryWrangler: Twitter Ngram Timeseries Search

An API and UI for querying words and phrases from the Twitterverse

Voyager EP: Artificial Intelligence Music Video

A music video collaboration with Alexa Woodward: 6 music videos, each with their own latent walk through a different Generative Adversarial Network model trained on carefully curated images synced to the song content.
Video Playlist

“Alexa Woodward and Jane Adams Team Up on AI-Inspired Music Videos”, SevenDays

Sirius: Python Package for Exploratory Analysis of High-Dimensional Data

An open source tool to generate network visualizations of discrete and continuous features, with edges weighted by mutual information.

Homophily and Heterogeneity in the Cancerous Cell Line Network for Gene Therapy Improvements

Using cell-line correlation and backbone thresholding to find gene dependence similarity across cancer type/subtype

@Nodradek: Art using GANs

From liminal to latent space… art created using Generative Adversarial Networks trained on carefully curated image datasets using custom StyleGAN models

Subreddit Ngram Scraper

A quick weekend project to get started with health-related subreddit NLP via the API


A Latent Walk Through the World of Studio Ghibli

StyleGAN trained on archival Ghibli images

Universalities: MFA Thesis

Exploring the similarities between art and science as inquiring processes

Apocalypse Diet: Aquaponic Diorama

Micro-plumbing and wiring conceptual dollhouse imagining a sustainable food future, part of a group show featuring emerging eco-artists at Burlington City Arts (BCA) Gallery

Algorithmic Chromo-Synesthesia: Musical Mappings

Experiments in visual encoding for learning and creating music, mapping hue to harmonic patterns

But What About? A Prototype of an Exhibition

A participatory installation featuring data visualizations and questions about quality-of-life metrics

Inside, Outside: Installation at Champlain Maker Faire

Bringing my living room to the forest for a cozy immersive art experience

Our Compost Ecosystem: Breaking Down Vermont’s Food Scraps

A ‘citizen science’ data visualization and journalism project

A Serious Game: Playing with Fake News

Concept and code for a data-driven interactive installation to raise awareness about misinformation in news feeds


Burlington Police Department Incident Map