I find a unique and contemplative sort of joy in curating playlists. Here are some:

  • Focus
    [instru]mental journeys

  • Happy
    It’s all good

  • Oldschool
    Before I was alive

  • Dancing
    Fast and hot

  • Ladyrager
    …like a fish needs a bicycle

  • Witches
    Wild mamas and savage daughters

  • Vapor Rap
    Dusty polaroid rhymes & beats

  • Dirtygrass
    Stay filthy

  • Healing
    For feeling all the feelings (sob hazard)

  • Punk
    For broken or breaking things

  • Rhymes
    Lexical percussion, spat poetry

  • Bluegrass
    Fast fiddle inspired by fescue

  • Shower
    Unencumbered sing-alongs

  • Speed
    uhntz uhntz brrr—BWAMP

  • Vintage
    All the way back to the phonograph

  • Pop
    Junk food for ears

  • Hiraeth
    Lost & found

  • Work
    Seize the hump day

  • Folk Punk
    Rusty, crusty, or trusty

  • Throwback
    Middle school is tough

  • Strings
    Classical and string quartet covers

  • Haunted Babes
    Beware of dwelling

  • Fast Celtic/Folk
    Auditory trefoils

  • French
    Ceci n’est pas une pipe, c’est la vie.