Good Filth

In a country where over-prescription of drugs is rampant and the “quick fix” for mental and physical ailments comes in the form of a pill, horticultural therapy is an emerging field that seeks to bring people back to the earth as an alternative coping mechanism. Horticultural therapists propose that the act of growing plants, from digging ones’ hands in the soil to sow seeds, to the satisfaction of a harvest, can have profound benefits to overall health.

Many students and young professionals do not start home gardens because they perceive the process as complex and expensive, so it is important to adopt a design strategy that conveys simplicity and cost efficiency. This can be achieved with a two-pronged approach: first, repeated symbolism of step-by-step processes, breaking complex instructions into small tasks that are manageable to a first-time gardener; and second, a DIY style of imagery that conveys the importance and cost-saving advantages of repurposed materials.

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