But What About…?

“But What About…?” is a prototype of an exhibition that explores the process of cartographic data visualization to answer for young people (ages 18-35) the question of where to live. In essence, it is an exhibition that curates itself, as attendees are invited to ask their own questions about which metrics inform our assessment of livability.

The space, which is purposely modular and informal, provides an area for young people to study the questions that were posed by graduate students Jane Adams (MFA), Brent Burns (MS) and Serdar Gizer (MS) in the Emergent Media program, and to get an impression of the challenges they faced in trying to answer those questions. The idea of an ‘exhibition prototype’ opens up a whole realm of possibilities for future iterations which further emphasize the relationship between humans and data, quantitative and qualitative metrics, and which factors are subjective or universal criteria of livability for young people.

If you are interested in hosting a future iteration of this exhibit, please contact jane@universalities.com

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