A haphazard and non-exhaustive list of stuff I’ve created, often in collaboration with many other wonderful people:

Voyager EP: Artificial Intelligence Music Video

A music video collaboration with Alexa Woodward: 6 music videos, each with their own latent walk through a different Generative Adversarial Network model trained on carefully curated images synced to the song content.

Video Playlist

“Alexa Woodward and Jane Adams Team Up on AI-Inspired Music Videos”, SevenDays

StoryWrangler: Twitter Ngram Timeseries Search

An API and UI for querying words and phrases from the Twittersphere

Homophily and Heterogeneity in the Cancerous Cell Line Network for Gene Therapy Improvements

Using cell-line correlation and backbone thresholding to find gene dependence similarity across cancer type/subtype

@Nodradek: CryptoArt using GANs

From liminal to latent space… one-of-a-kind NFT crypto art created using Generative Adversarial Networks trained on carefully curated image datasets. On sale at OpenSea. All @nodradek accounts:

A Latent Walk Through the World of Studio Ghibli

StyleGAN trained on archival Ghibli images

Subreddit Ngram Scraper [GitHub] and [Dashboard]

A quick weekend project to get started with health-related subreddit NLP via the API

Universalities: MFA Thesis

Exploring the similarities between art and science as inquiring processes

Sirius: Python Package for Exploratory Analysis of High-Dimensional Data

An open source tool to generate network visualizations of discrete and continuous features, with edges weighted by mutual information

Apocalypse Diet: Aquaponic Diorama

Micro-plumbing and wiring conceptual dollhouse imagining a sustainable food future, part of a group show featuring emerging eco-artists at Burlington City Arts (BCA) Gallery

Algorithmic Chromo-Synesthesia: Musical Mappings

Experiments in visual encoding for learning and creating music, mapping hue to harmonic patterns

But What About? A Prototype of an Exhibition

A participatory installation featuring data visualizations and questions about quality-of-life metrics

Inside, Outside: Installation at Champlain Maker Faire

Bringing my living room to the forest for a cozy immersive art experience

Our Compost Ecosystem: Breaking Down Vermont’s Food Scraps

A ‘citizen science’ data visualization and journalism project

A Serious Game: Playing with Fake News

Concept and code for a data-driven interactive installation to raise awareness about misinformation in news feeds


Burlington Police Department Incident Map


Master of Fine Arts, Emergent Media  |  May 2018
Champlain College, Burlington VT

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design & Digital Media  |  December 2015
Champlain College, Burlington VT

Graphic Design Certificate  |  August 2012
School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) (now of Tufts University)
Boston MA

Past Appearances

Organizer: Fail Fest  |  IEEE VIS 2020
Celebrating the Scientific Value of Failure: October 2020 @ IEEE VIS

Guest Speaker: Design Thinking and the Scientific Method (Story Time) |  Computational Story Lab
University of Vermont Complex Systems Center, September 2020

Homophily and Heterogeneity in the Cancerous Cell Line Network for Gene Therapy Improvements
Lightning Talk  |  NetSci International School and Conference on Network Science, September 2020

Guest Speaker: Data Visualization in Practice   |  GIV 2020
Governor’s Institute of Vermont @ Champlain College, Summer 2020

“Apocalypse Diet: What Will We Eat?” : Aquaponic Diorama  |  BCA Gallery
February – July 2020 @ Burlington City Arts, Burlington VT
Read more about the project and process here

Instructor: Data Visualization for Network Scientists  |   NERCCS 2020
New England Conference on Complex Systems Pre-Conference School, April 2020

Poster: “A Network Approach to Cancer: Clustering Cell Lines by Gene Dependency Rank Differences”  |   NERCCS 2020
New England Conference on Complex Systems, April 2020

Guest Lecturer: Introduction to Data Visualization  |  CS-395 Advanced Special Topics: Data Lab
University of Vermont, March 2020

Collaborator: Cancer Cell Line Gene Dependence Networks  |  CNWW 2019
Complex Networks Winter Workshop, Quebec City, December 2019

Guest Lecturer: Data Visualization  |  DAT-430: Data Visualization
Champlain College, December 2019

Visualizing Complexity: Network Graphs of High-Dimensional Data  |  ODSC West
October 30th 2019 @ Open Data Science Conference West, San Francisco CA
Check out the Colaboratory notebook here

The Illuminated Forest  |  Champlain Maker Faire
September 2019 @ Shelburne Farms, VT

Data Art: Seeing the Future of Data Science  |  ODSC East
April 2019 @ Open Data Science Conference, Boston MA

Data Visualization Workshop Facilitator  |  Women in Data Science Conference
March 2019 @ Stanford University, Palo Alto CA

“What’s a Data Artist?”  |  AIGA Vermont: WTF is Design Anyway?
February 2019 @ Maglianero Cafe, Burlington VT

The Illuminated Waterfront  |  New Years’ Eve 2018/19
Highlight @ ECHO Aquarium, Burlington VT

“Visualizing Complexity”  |  The Emergent Landscape Speaker Series
Champlain College Gallery Lounge, Burlington, VT
Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

“Visual Storytelling” Gund Institute Tea  |  Featured Speaker
Johnson House, University of Vermont, Burlington VT
Friday, November 30th, 2018

“Complexity, Mutualism, and Ecopolitics” Panel Discussion  |   Feverish World Symposium
Silver Maple Ballroom, Davis Center, University of Vermont, Burlington VT
Sunday, October 21st, 2018
Joined artist Jonathan Harris and environmental scientist Laura May-Collado for a panel discussion at the intersection of the humanities and sciences.

Emerging Tech Showcase  Vermont Tech Jam
Champlain Valley Exposition Center, Essex Junction VT
Friday, October 19th, 2018

Lightning Talk: Burlington Arts Alliance  Code for BTV Sector Mash
Generator Maker Space, Burlington VT
Monday, October 15th, 2018

TEDx Springfield   |   Featured Speaker
MassMutual, Springfield MA
Friday, October 12th, 2018
Jane shares her excitement for a “data art” complement to the field of “data science”, drawing on this year’s theme of ‘The Connected World’ for inspiration.

The Illuminated Forest @ Champlain Maker Faire   |   Co-Artist
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
Projection mapping, motorized light installations, and participatory immersive art bring enchantment to a wooded trail for makers and dreamers.

2018 GeoDataSci Conference  Featured Speaker  |  June 2018
Generator Maker Space, 40 Sears Lane, Burlington VT
“But What About…?”: Answering questions with better questions
A reflection on her experience in 2017 facilitating student exploration into geospatial data related to livability: Ms. Adams’ team was interested in quantifying what makes a location a desirable destination for young people. In this presentation, Jane described how technical challenges and missing data gave rise to artistic solutions, and how their exploration culminated in an installation at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center that curated itself through discussion and participation.

Universalities of Inquiry   Exhibiting Artist  |  February – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery
(Part of Champlain College MFA in Emergent Media Thesis candidates’ show Expedition): Presented work in music visualization and mnemonics; prototyping aquaponic ecosystems; and experiments in minimally-structured public participatory artwork, backgrounded by theoretical research on the nature of truth-seeking processes.

Quality of Life   Guest Curator  |  February – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery
Acted as guest curator, assisting Professor Erik Esckilsen in the production of interactive maps, artifacts, and printed materials for an installation of a historical museum for the fictional transmedia narrative of the town of Ralston, Vermont. “Champlain Creative Team Brings Fictional Vermont City to Life.” February 23, 2018

But What About…?   Project Lead  |  July – August 2017
Champlain College Emergent Media Center, Lakeside Campus
Participatory art installation featuring team-created data visualizations from US Census Bureau and American Community Survey data, with discussion workshops celebrating curiosity. Watch the video here

Interactive Terrarium   Exhibiting Artist  |  December 2016
Champlain College Art Gallery
Arduino Uno, upcycled CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor shell, bleached bird bones, LEDs, photoresistor, potentiometer, LCD display, assorted vegetation.

The Emergent Mindset  Featured Speaker |  November 2016
Shelburne Museum, PechaKucha Night Burlington Vol. 22
Discussion of ongoing projects and creative approach to new technology.

In the Press

“Why Juneteenth Went Viral” by C. Brandon Ogbunu. WIRED Magazine, June 19th 2020. “Twitter activity illustrates how the recent mentions of the holiday are strongly associated with Black Lives Matter retweets. Juneteenth reached its peak rank of 696—as in, only 695 words were more frequently retweeted—on June 12, 2020. Note how Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, became one of the very most retweeted terms on all of Twitter in this window (reaching “Lexical Fame” status as seen on the graph).”

“Inspiring Projects to See, Hear and Play With at the Vermont Tech Jam” by Chelsea Edgar, Cathy Resmer, and Kymelya Sari. Seven Days, 17 October 2018. “The work we do often involves so much data that it won’t even fit on a single computer, let alone a single visual or graphic,” explained mathematics professor Chris Danforth. “As a result, it’s difficult to convey in simple figures the relationships we identify in the data. A talented individual (like Jane) who combines artistic sense with technical expertise can make possible new and compelling forms of visual communication.”

“TEDxSpringfield: Rainbows of Joy”. 12 October 2018. “Adams’ work can be explanatory — using art to help communicate ideas worth sharing — or exploratory. Exploratory data art helps find the hidden meaning and connections within data sets. She dreams of doing it in three dimensions so a traditional spider web-type graphic of ideas linked by lines has more punch. ‘It would be like visiting the planetarium,’ she said. ‘I’m really exited about data art as a complement to data science.'”

Burlington Group Designated as U.S. Arts and Culture Outpost“. 12 September 2018. “We’re seeing a tremendous outpouring of excitement and also concern for this city in terms of the way in which we promote our arts and culture,” Adams commented. “I think that us organizing in this way will really help demonstrate to city governance the importance of including voices from all art forms, all artists, all neighborhoods and all different groups.”

Work Experience

Data Visualization Artist in Residence  |  March 2018 – Present
The University of Vermont Complex Systems Center, Burlington VT
Participate in research activities in support of the Complex Systems Center faculty, staff, and students. Coordinate and implement advanced research, technical, and complex data analysis to produce powerful, beautiful, data-rich interactive online visualizations in support of Complex Systems research.

Curatorial Fellow  |  September 2017 – March 2018
Champlain College Art Gallery, Burlington VT
Worked as part of a diverse team, sharing skills as well as interests. Built network connections across a wide range of disciplines (technologists, writers, artists, educators). Cultivated creativity by building spaces and community around art. Remained calm in challenging situations, creating a supportive environment for visiting artists. Learned professional curatorial technology, including projectors, A/V, lighting, and hardware.

Project Fellow  |  January – August 2017
Champlain College Emergent Media Center Communications Team, Burlington VT
Supervised a team of undergraduate designers, programmers, and marketers in production of promotional materials for Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center. Coordinated event management and creation of print and digital assets for the Emergent Media Center’s Tenth Anniversary celebration. Oversaw development of projection mapping exhibition on campus. Strategized use of project management software. Coordinated team schedules, meetings, and division of labor. Contributed to best practices for Emergent Media Center fellows’ onboarding and documentation.

Teaching Assistant  |  July – August 2016, January – May 2017
Champlain College, Burlington VT
Provided feedback on student work. Facilitated learning within and outside the classroom, including supervision of weekly studio time. Assisted students in troubleshooting software and hardware challenges in interaction design projects using Processing and Arduino. Leveraged experience in gallery curation to aid students in exhibition of interactive work. Curated new media art as inspiration for classroom discussion. Taught classes independently when instructors were unable to attend a class period.

Front End Development Intern  |  August 2016 – January 2017
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Prepared and transferred all membership and contact data (over 10,000 entries) from local FileMaker Pro database to cloud-based Wild Apricot membership management software. Set up automated member status emails and renewal notices, as well as event invitation management and newsletters. Performed front-end development for Local First Vermont’s new iPhone and Android apps in conjunction via Slack with the back-end development team at DaftLabs.

Media Design Intern  |  January – July 2016, Burlington VT
Performed quality assurance testing on HTML5 iFrame display ad deliverables before and after publication using Adobe Edge Animate and raw HTML/CSS/JavaScript find + replace methodologies. Referenced old display ad files created in Flash to perform QA testing on new iFrame display ads. Utilized knowledge of front end languages and tools to troubleshoot errors. Became familiar with the company’s RTB (Real-Time Bidding) advertising systems and the Google AdWords Display Network. Performed regular organization and archiving for a database of display ads for over 17,000 clients. Maintained and updated a client-facing creative preview website. Developed a framework and API for a new preview site using Angular and Bootstrap. Used Git for version control. Worked as part of a team to address global issues, build new creative assets, and remain up-to-date on design trends and International Advertising Bureau best practices.

Graphic Designer  |  May 2014 – June 2015
Brandthropology Inc., Burlington VT
Created print and digital media for a wide range of clients. Created website graphics and visual elements for social media. Performed content and style edits to company and client websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Built Google display ads using Adobe Edge Animate and Flash Professional. Developed and maintained WordPress websites. Gained familiarity with Google AdWords and Analytics. Participated in team brainstorms for new marketing strategies and successfully pitched a visual concept for a television ad to a major account. Assisted in print production pricing, proofs, and distribution including book binding, screen printing t-shirts, and other marketing collateral.

Graphic Designer  |  September 2012 – June 2015
Oleet & Co. Investment Bank, Burlington VT
Developed a brand identity and applied it across print and digital materials. Built a responsive website and maintained it using Amazon S3. Created infographics related to potential investment opportunities, beginning with research and advancing to visual representations. Performed customer service and attended conference calls with investors. Created graphic elements for affiliate companies, including logos and sell sheets.

Visual Production Assistant  |  September – December 2011
Talbots Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Hingham MA
Built planogram graphics for in-store use. Edited and color corrected merchandise photography. Performed data entry. Attended creative division weekly meetings. Assisted team members in product management on an as-needed basis.


Project Lead  |  January – May 2017
Stride: The Wright Foundation for Female Athletes
Supervised a team of graduate students in the rebrand and development of identity assets for a non-profit dedicated to helping girls become leaders through sports.

Built websites in WordPress CMS to allow easy access for clients. Coordinated creative development remotely using Google Drive. Worked with clients to clarify company values and develop brand identity. Built 3D illustrated diagrams published in a science handbook for a local non-profit. Designed, edited, and produced various student zines. Facilitated creative development for human rights and activism projects. Consulted clients on information architecture, social media, and user interface strategies. Wrote a grant proposal, drove a taxi, color-corrected merchandise photography, performed data entry, hand-lettered store signage, illustrated a coloring book, silkscreened t-shirts, painted murals, built sets, sewed costumes, patched clothes, and peddled organic vegetables.